Hey everyone:) I took a trip from Los Angeles to New York. Driving along legendary Route 66, and visiting

plenty of ghost towns on the road. Meeting a lot of nice people, driving thru three time-zones and beautiful nature,

makes me really wanna go back there again. Enjoy;)

newkirk5_small.jpg newkirk6_small.jpg newkirk7_small.jpg newkirk8_small.jpg
newkirk9_small.jpg newkirk10_small.jpg newkirk11_small.jpg montoya_small.jpg
montoya2_small.jpg montoya3_small.jpg montoya4_small.jpg montoya5_small.jpg
montoya6_small.jpg montoya7_small.jpg montoya8_small.jpg montoya9_small.jpg
montoya10_small.jpg montoya11_small.jpg montoya12_small.jpg montoya13_small.jpg

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